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photos on demand

the beach in Malibu, early morning

valentine's day morning 2004, in Malibu

In response to a certain comment, here is a photo. You may find more at our new-ish photo gallery page, which I built to consolidate in one place, for posterity, all the images on the site—from the blog, as well as Rascal's and Harvey's pages. The integration between all of this is still on-going, but the gallery is there and I'm having fun filling it with pictures—specifically, paging through every one of the 7,821 pictures in my iPhoto library and recalling old times. Not that I'd forgotten everything that's happened in the past six years or so, it just presents a different aspect when viewed in illustrated format!

The image above is from, as the caption has it, Valentine's Day of 2004. Can you believe we've been blogging for that long?! Which reminds me, we have an blogiversary coming up in a couple days; what should we do to celebrate six years on the air?

[An interesting aside: I see that changing time zones translated the posting times for those California posts to Eastern Time. That means that some of them now show up on different days, or even different months, than they were originally posted! Man, we sure stayed up late back in those days.]

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