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I'm here all night!

How is Harvey like a summer best-seller? You can't put him down! *ba-dum crash*

Er, as previously mentioned, the baby is having some trouble sleeping. Sleeping poorly or well, however, there's one thing that he always has trouble with, and that's being put down in his bed. He'll be completely asleep in your arms, but as soon as he feels that mattress against his back he's wide-eyed and yelling. And then he falls right back to sleep as soon as you pick him up again; I don't know if that makes the whole situation better or worse.

Naturally, this is cause for some frustration in the middle of the night when all I want to do is get back into bed myself. In desperation, I've developed a new strategy: what I'm doing now is keeping my hands under him after he's on the mattress, rather than pulling them back right away. That way I can continue to provide a consistent joggling motion, not to mention parental contact, as he gets used to being in bed. If he doesn't shout, it only takes a few more seconds for him to drift off enough that I can—slowly, still joggling—reclaim my hands. Works like a charm, except when it doesn't!


My favorite is when you finally get the baby in the crib, go into the other room, and as soon as your head hits the pillow the baby is up. I think they just have some thing inside them that goes off when they sense mom or dad about to be cozy and/or asleep. It's just not allowed.

Your title is funny on two levels :)

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