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another year

I missed it yesterday, being largely unaware of the day of the month except to read it out mindlessly to students who have forgotten to write it on their papers, but the squibix family blog has completed its sixth year of operation. Yes sir, six years and 1,357 posts later, and we're still going strong. Well, strong-ish. Revenues are not all we could want, and I have been informed that the "Bloggies" have gone to final voting without without a mention of us even in the initial nominating stages, but at least we're filling up the calendar with content of one sort or another. Some of it is even funny.

If you have some time to spare, start here and read all the way through until you get to this post again! You'll experience our wide-eyed wonder at living in California, our stress upon moving back to Massachusetts and realizing that if we're going to get married we're going to have to spend an awful lot of time together, the ups and downs of our varied employment situations, and our joyful anticipation of our first child. Also lots of pictures and videos of said child. All that rolled up together in an always-entertaining package that, if you don't look carefully, makes you think we just wrote whatever came into our head on any given day! If that's not artistry, I don't know what it.

Oh yeah, and thanks for reading and stuff like that.


What do you mean by " realizing that if we're going to get married we're going to have to spend an awful lot of time together"???

I want to see the permalink.

It was kind of the whole period between April of 2004 and the wedding, wasn't it?

I only remember love and happiness.... and our rugs were so clean!

I remember lots of other things from that period ;) although there was a lot of love and happiness mixed in there too

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