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So Much to Say!

Harvey's always been a bit of a talker. No idea where he gets that from. For the first day and a half after he was first born he made a constant squeaking noise through his vocal chords with every exhalation. Even when he was sleeping he had stuff to tell us. It's like he was saying, "Hey Guys! I've gotta blog the womb before I forget!" So great was the stream of utterances that Dan, rocking his new son to sleep for the first time, said "Jeez Harvey, you don't have to say EVERYTHING that comes into your head!"

But recently Harvey has kicked it into high gear with the noises. Screeches, screams... he's adding a lot of power plays into his vocabulary along with the standard Ba and Da. Here's a quick montage of some of Harvey's new sounds. We expect solo vlogging to come soon.


This is an excellent video that accurately represents Harvey's range of not-yelling-in-rage-and-frustration sounds. I approve!

He is obviously brilliant as well as beautiful.

was that hitomi yaida in the background?
not to forget that harvey is adorable ;)

good catch Jake! Yes, it is Hitomi Yaida. To my mind this made sense for the video for many reasons. I'll let you imagine for yourself :)

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