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Happy Birthday Danny!

Today is the birthday of my wonderful handsome perfect husband. Happy Birthday Danny!

danny standing on a rock in cummington ma

he's the king of the world

I'm having a rough week, so I'm a bit parched for more positive things to say about such a happy occasion. "You make life somewhat more bearable?" "My life would suck worse without you in it?" All of a sudden it appears that I have become Jewish.

Oh well. Happy birthday and punches and pinches and all that. Congratulations on living another year. "May we all be so lucky!"


Hahaha, too funny. Sorry you're having a rough time, Leah :( Birthday cake always cheers me up... I'm sure your hubs will share!

Danny, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dan! And a big hug to leah to help counter your bad week a smidgen :)

I love that picture of me rockin the rolled-up trousers. That water was some cold!

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