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snow day

Today was the first snow day of my professional career, the first snow day I've seen for very long time: I've been out of school for some five years now and the four years before that I spent at Cornell, whose administrators seem to share some opinions with the US postal service (neither sleet and all that, in case I lost you there). So there hasn't been any hope of a day off due to snow* for about nine years, but let me tell you, the giddy anticipation when the forecast calls for messy weather tomorrow isn't any less when you're getting paid to go to school as it is when you're still slave labor filling in worksheets for the government. You should have seen me last night! I would have had trouble going to sleep with all the excitement, I bet, if I hadn't stayed up so unreasonably late watching that silly documentary (described below).

And then when I work up, at 5:00 and forty minutes before the alarm was due to go off, I heard cars going by on the street and inwardly despaired, though I still couldn't go back to sleep (like Christmas morning or something!). When we got up I went out to clear the cars off and see Leah off to yoga, and when I got back inside it was past 6:00--past time for calling of the scholarly activities of the day, I feared! And yet I had heard nothing. As the internet was having issues at the time, I sat down in front of the tv to watch the slow progression of educational establishments on the bottom of the screen. Newburyport, something else that starts with 'New', Newton Country Day School?! What about Newton Public?

Oops. So I hurried in to the shower quick ate breakfast, but over breakfast I watched the ticker tick through the list again; and this time appeared the blessed message: 'Newton. Closed.' Scarce seconds after that I got the call informing me officially that I didn't have to come in, and I rejoiced openly.

Sure I'll have to suffer for it later--we're going to be in school til the end of June this year--but that doesn't dampen my present enjoyment one bit.

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