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birthday knitting

On the heals of the fun-colored but not-super-practical sweater I made for Dan at Christmas, I decided to take on a similar project for his birthday. Except this time the product would have to be more staid, less ostentatious, more useful for day-to-day wear. After five weeks of intense knitting I finished a day later than his birthday. Oh well. At least it was ready in time for church. I give you the brown sweater vest:

close-up of the sweater vest leah knit for dan

refined yet elegant

The pattern comes from this book which I highly recommend for beginning-to-intermediate sweater knitters. I used good old Cascade220 for the yarn, so the whole thing came to less than $22, and that's with some left over for a hat! Not only is she talented and productive, but thrifty! Someone's racking up the good wife points this month!

Dan in a brown sweater vest that leah knit

dapper who?

Oh, who am I kidding. He more than deserves it.


Impressive! You may need to give lessons?

I'd be happy to give lessons but unfortunately, as Bridget can attest, I'm not a very good teacher. I'm all "put the needles together like this. no, like this. no, not that way, like this."

All in all I think a web video is a much better teacher than I.

I'm impressed!! Sadly, my most crafty skill is using the Bedazzler, and since Andrew isn't too interested in a sparkly gift, he gets store-bought gems from this gal. Sigh.

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