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booby update

After I blogged about the booby sores yesterday the tit situation took a turn for the worse. Around noon a thick clog developed on the top half of my breast, about half an inch wide and three inches long. I couldn't unclog it as damned hard as I tried, despite spending about two hours in the pumping closet at work. At about 4pm I called it quits and headed home. I ran a bath and tried to soak the foul milk out. No dice. I nursed the baby and still that swath of clog stayed stuck.

I cursed. I sniffled. I gave up for a few hours and had dinner with friends.

When I got ready to nurse Harvey before bed, I pulled out my boob to examine the distressed nipple. Previously I had been so focused on the sores that I missed a tiny pin-prick sized white dot on the top. I had thought it was a spot of milk, but looking closer it looked more like a white-head or some sort of zit. I put two nails to it and popped it out. All of a sudden SPURT! The entire three square inches of milk came gushing out geiser style! For about a minute my boob looked like one of those trick fountains at Disney World. A perfect arc of milk erupted up and out and onto the floor. The sensation was one of the most incredible relief.

If nothing else, this breast-feeding thing is a real trip. When else is your life would you pop a zit and watch a gallon of milk stream out your body. And simultaneously think: Awwwww. That's the stuff!

The jury's still out on whether parenthood has made me more or less mature. I think the answer is, six of one, half dozen of the other.


Ew! And just a tiny bit cool. Take care of yourself and don't let it get out of hand! How are the sores doing today? I want to know how my sleeping topless remedy worked;-)

The sores are doing A LOT better. The advice worked! I think the big problem was that the wounds were scabbing stuck to my bra, and then I kept pulling the scabs off over and over again. Isn't that a lovely image? I'm glad we have the internet to communicate about these things :)

Wow, I have never heard of such things! Interesting and I'm glad your boobs feel better.

I'm also surprise that this happen but now you've given us awareness about this things. I'm a first time mom that needed the help that I could get and tips for me to know.

And seeing you happy that you've overcome this problem regarding your boobs.

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