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farm tourism: the photo post

three sheep

keeping a wary eye on the dog

We spent the afternoon yesterday enjoying Woolapalooza at Drumlin farm, reveling in the general farminess and wondering what we need to do to get our own sheep. We saw sheep-herding and -sheering, admired the baby lambs, and followed the "from sheep to sweater" interpretive trail. As a witness to all the awesome knitting that gets done around here, I was very excited to be able to learn about the earlier steps in the wool garment-production process.

wool fresh off the sheep

yes sir, yes sir, three bags full (roughly)

Of course, it wasn't all sheep. We also saw cattle, chickens, pigs, farmers, and lots and lots of fellow farm-tourists. Plus some relatives from near and far (not pictured).

actually not a cow but a steer

how now, brown cow?

pigs exiting their stall

pig butt

Leah kept the camera rolling. Let no good times go unrecorded!

Leah on the video camera

ensuring a steady flow of awesome videos!

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