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Sunday Best is sometimes a T-shirt

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, and we celebrated by shaking some palms and dressing Harvey in his brand-new spring sprout t-shirt.

Harvey in his new sprout shirt (with Palm Sunday palm)

the sprout looks kind of like a palm...

This t-shirt is my second try of this pattern. The first one came out a touch too small, so of course the second is too big. Some day I'll get it. In the mean time, it's the perfect thing for an extra layer beneath overalls.

Palm Sunday begins holy week, a seven-day spiritual event where you reflect on HOLY SHIT WHAT IS HARVEY GOING TO WEAR FOR EASTER???!!!

Just kidding. Sort of.

On the topic of holy week, last night we had a seder at my parents' house, and I noticed our Christmas card still displayed prominently on my parents' fridge. "Harvey was so cute as a sheep!" I said.

"Yeah," said my mom, "I've been meaning to ask you. What does it mean 'All We Like Sheep?'"

"Well," I said, "We usually read from Isaiah at Christmas. Isaiah writes that 'All we like sheep have gone astray, and the Lord has laid on him - him being the messiah - the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.'"

"Oh Goodness." My mother said rolling her eyes and walking away. "That's terrible."

My dad was in the kitchen too. "That's sad" he said.

They both walked away shaking their heads.

You annoying morbid Christians. Why on earth would you put such a thing on a holiday card?

Holy week is a time when we celebrate a lot of things. Bunnies. Babies. Cadbury Cream Eggs. The fact that Jesus died for our sins.

As a latecomer to Christianity, I appreciate the idea of a God who didn't just make cute things to turn a blind eye from the bad and ugly.

So anyway, if you're into it, have a wonderful holy week. I'm celebrating on the blog with some fun project revealed every day. There is easter sewing to photograph, and videos in editing, and minimal complaints about my breasts, so it should be a fun week!


Though this may be irrelevant, I can't think of a religion where God made cute things to turn a blind eye from the bad and ugly. Our awareness of the bad and ugly seems to be mostly a personal decision.

Hmmmmm. that sounds Buddhist. The implication is that if we ignore the bad and ugly they disappear? I might have to stop reading the internet, though.

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