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Helen DeWitt came to my seder (and other news)

Leah has been monopolizing the blog lately, due to her ability to write from work (and after midnight). She already noted everything that happened for the past several days, so all I can do is add my own perspective and commentary.

Our Famous Seder Guest

It was pretty cool having Helen DeWitt attend our seder, though I admit to feeling some trepidation when Leah told me (over the phone at 3:30) that she would be coming—especially since I was also dealing with news of a flooded basement at the same time (see below). But it all worked out perfectly well, because the imminent arrival of a famous guest allowed me to ask everyone else to help out with the cooking and things, so I actually had to do rather less work than I would have otherwise.

Chatting with Helen was very nice, even if I did manage to restrain myself from asking about her writing. Which, of course, I highly recommend you should read: The Last Samurai is a fantastic book, even if you don't get a copy that is personally signed by the author and inscribed "Next year in Jerusalem". I can't take credit for the second part: it was her idea.

Biblical-type Flooding: The Return

The storm that wetted Leah's lower parts also caused widespread havoc up and down the east coast, as well as in our cellar. Actually, we were rather better off than most people because we don't care so much about the water that found it's way in: we hadn't managed to clean up from the last time, so all we had to do was turn on the newly-acquired pumps and send it right back out again. Well, that and stay up all night Wednesday night keeping an eye on them, but that's just how it goes. We're very happy to not be living in the path of a river, as photographs I've seen suggest that riparian flooding was quite a bit worse than what we had to deal with. And now it's going to be 80° tomorrow. The climate is broken, and folks don't mind because "at least it's not snow" and they like warm weather. Oh my.

The Coming Festival

We have made it through nearly all of Lent and the associated Leap of Faith, and did it ever seem long. Not onerous at all, just long: as if time in February and March was passing slowly. It does tend to, perhaps. In any case, I did quite well with the Bible-reading discipline, and less well with the prayer. We have not, for example, seen a ten-fold increase in unique visitors to this blog, nor have I found a new job for next year. I don't feel let down: the problem, if there is one besides needing to wait a bit, lies with me. At church this evening we pretty much celebrated Easter on Good Friday. and we've also run out of Matzah: two signs that the celebratory season of spring is upon us. I will of course continue praying, maybe even more than before!

Hopefully more blogging than before as well: I've got to keep up with Leah!


"The storm that wetted Leah's lower parts" sounds like an incredibly boring and literary porno.

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