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movin, shakin

A lot happened this weekend in addition to Easter. For one thing, Harvey started crawling. On Saturday I put him down on the floor of Cara's kitchen and took two steps away to pick up a dish towel. Harvey put his knees half way under him and scooted right on after me. It was only three little scoots, but I screamed and cooed and smothered him with praise just like he'd just won the nobel prize. The next morning we put him down on the floor and a moment later he was under the table. "Do you see?" Dan said, "He's crawling over her."

"I know," I replied unmoved. "He totally does that now."

Also some time last week his hair turned curly. I don't know if it was the flood-induced humidity or the fact that we celebrated a jewish seder on Tuesday, but his mother's genes have suddenly expressed themselves. Seriously, he's crawling around like a little boy baby Shirley Temple.

Next it'll be tap dancing.

If Harvey had emerged from the womb curly headed I would have morned for him. I'm not a big fan of my curly hair, it's hard to keep it from looking messy all the time. So much the worse for a little boy dash teenager dash young man. But now that's it's been a while and my son looks the spitting image of my husband in all features facial, I'm glad to have this little bit of momma-ness reflected back at me.

Or away from me, depending on which direction he's crawling.

Harvey's curly hair

curly locks


pictures of the curly hair?

I know, right? Dan, can you serve up a curly haired pic sil te plais?

It may be getting curlier, but he's still got the distinctively non-Jewish blonde hair (and yes, I'm TOTALLY jealous ;) Not that mine isn't naturally this color...

And there's yr picture! Added right to the end of the post like it was there all along.

He looks like Dan when he smiles... he looks like me when he furrows his brow.

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