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the size of him

We've finally found a pair of trousers that fit Harvey properly. You see, he's a pretty big boy, at least when measured around his middle, which means that clothes meant for 9-month-olds tend to be a bit snug. And when we find trousers that do fit his waist—and his gigantic, cloth-diaper butt—they need to be rolled up three or four times to not overhang his feet entirely. Happily, Grandma had the wonderful idea of buying 18-month shorts. The waistband fits, and the cuffs are right about at his ankles. Yup, Harvey is just the size of an 18-month-old dwarf. Good to know!


Picture of the 18 month old dwarf?

Check the size again. He's 36 month old dwarf.

LOL - love the baby dwarf comparison ;) I hear baby sizes are all kinds of wacky anyway, and don't often work with a child's actual age. Just preparing them for the joy of grown up clothes, I guess...

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