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are you going to San Francisco?

In an effort to lighten my mood this morning I stole a daffodil from the vase on our kitchen table and put it in my hair.

To the judgmental water-bottle and family photos in my cube, I seem to be pulling it off.

We've been pretty surly in the squibix household over the past week. Okay, so over the past month. Okay, so since I started my new job in March.

Job upheaval tends to bring sandpaper to our marriage. When things work out well we appreciate each other for our varied gifts and skills and financial contributions. When circumstances don't work out, or when the the mechanics of financial contribution are grating or exhausting or painfully boring, our union is not as pleasant and fulfilling as it might be. That's to say the least. To say the most would be to characterize my personality in terms of sit-com wife stereotypes.

One of these days, Alice.

So outside of drinking on the job I'm trying little things to lift my mood. The flower is a start.


I'm impressed - way to be proactive. Flowers are much better than hiding with a scarf over the head (my go-to when I'm feeling work-crazed)!

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