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we're in ur woods, hippying ur neighborhood

On my run this morning I ran into a friend from grad school who's contemplating a home birth. With her was a neighbor who's a birth educator by profession and also home-schools her kids and does a little light crafting. Which is to say: WATCH OUT, STATUS QUO! WE'RE TAKING OVER YOUR FRIGGIN NEIGHBORHOOD!

Well, the statistical sample may be skewed a little bit. Towards individuals crunchy enough to use their saturday morning to walk in the woods in the rain. nevertheless...

Last night we went out for margaritas with my parents at a restaurant (appropriately titled) Margaritas. Harvey was wearing his easter pants and seedling shirt. My mom recognized the pants and said, "Look what nice pants your momma made you!"

"I made the shirt too," I said. Because I don't let well enough stand.

"You MADE the shirt?!"


"Oh, you mean you sewed the leaf on it."

"No, I made the shirt."


"From cloth."

"You made this??? This is incredible! You made a whole shirt? I can't believe you made this!"

"I made the pattern too..."

And with that, my mother's head exploded.

So in conclusion, your level of outlandishness just depends on who you're talkin' too.

Why am I kind of wet? Oh yeah, because I just went running in the rain. I'm not too earthy crunchy to shower!


Love to appear in your blog! We are taking over the town, one goat at a time! If you're interested, please come to the Board of Health vote on animal regs on May 3.

Here's a story you can probably appreciate. Had two guys over to repair my oven yesterday. It broke while I was roasting kale that was still in the oven. (Don't think the kale is to blame.) The repair guy said, oh you were roasting kale,we used to do that until we got our dehydrator. Had a nice chat with him about soaking and dehydrating grains and he saw my sewing machine (on the kitchen table, where else would it be) and so we talked about how his wife sews all the time. Then he mentioned that if I got a new oven I could set it to 100 degrees and make yogurt. So we are out there, everywhere.

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