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This is a mood booster: BABIES! CRAFTING! LIFE!

A few weeks ago my friend Luke handed me a cotton T and said, "This shirt fits weird. I'm going to throw it away unless you want to make something from the cloth."

So Harvey got a new striped shirt.

harvey in a home-made striped shirt

am I .... a cutie?

The t-shirt is soft and stretchy with room to grow in. But oh, those belled sleeves. Every time I look at them I cringe. I couldn't loosen the tension on my machine any further, so this is what I got. Jersey knit, you are a beguiling temptress. Why are you so soft and common yet so difficult to work?

But there is hope! Next week is my birthday and I have a very exciting present on the way... It's a magical contraption that combines four spools of thread with a die cutter such that future t-shirts will look twice as good with half the effort. Yes - I'm getting a serger.

The stack of "fits weird" is piling up in anticipation. Harvey is excited.


I'm still a little disillusioned that a shirt that was overly large on me doesn't make at least 6 Harvey shirts. I must weigh between 8 and 10 times as much as he does, and its not just because I'm way denser. I think.

The only reason I couldn't get another shirt out of it is the stripes... I had to make all the stripes line up between the front and the back, and also keep them going horizontal so the fabric would stretch the right way. Within those constraints I couldn't fit one more of each pattern piece, although there's plenty of fabric left over to make say a stripped bunny rabbit or lambie.

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