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leah's long windy sat

Yesterday morning was a crazy morning in the store: lots and lots and lots of sales, and little me running around like a mad woman trying to get clothes on all the womans filling up all the dressing rooms. Some funny things from the morning: one woman couldn't get a tight tank off her body and started calling urgently, "Leah! Leah! Can you help me?!?" Then i went into her dressing room and pulled and yanked and pealed it off her body while she held her arms overhead a bit like a charging bull. i'm glad she was over 18; otherwise it might not have been legal. Then there was this other guy from the Bikram school, who thought he was pretty hot. He was trying to get me to help him (and help him and HELP him) choose between two long sleeve tech tops, and he tried one on with a hood and first he said "i feel like a waiting sperm in a Woody Allen movie" and then he said "I'm Jewish, so i'm not hooded." and i was like, yeah... um... you're wasting my time.

Then i came home and was pretty irritable from the stressfull day, so i went to the gym for a little bit to, you know, pretend like i'm tough and hard-core and all. There i ran into Ronny the personal trainer from Boston. Since we're practically homeboys, so to speak, he worked out with me for a bit (which made me work harder, darn it). But anyway, hanging out with that hard-body fitness boyie made me appreciate much more my sweet sweet sweetie pie at home who had sweetly offered to cook me dinner. (which i declined, on account of bein finicky and irritable and annoying.)

Anyway, then i came back and got all pretty and we went out into downtown to walk around and look at some trendy merchandise and some dumb stores and some good street music. all in all, the day ended better than it had began. and without any major purchases, so the boy should be pleased with me. But now reading this, he says that he's always pleased with me. someone trained him well.


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