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Just now as I struggled to put the comforter cover on the comforter without waking Harvey I had a flashback to six years ago, back when the bed was new. I was super-proud of myself back then, I suddenly recalled very clearly, the first time I wrestled the thing together without disturbing the sleeping Leah. Isn't that a touching family connection?

(It's not that we do our laundry late at night, it's just that we usually have better things to do than put the bed together until the point at which we want to go to bed. Somethings, clearly, we wait a little bit too long.)


Awww. And you still manage to love us, despite the fact that we persist in going to be without you. That's very touching.

Was it really only 6 years ago that we moved in together? It feels like maybe 10 or 15... In a GOOD way.

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