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watch out, Carl!

As Leah wrote last year, we now have an answering message disavowing any knowledge of Carl Bumbaca, scourge of creditors everywhere. Well, even that frank disavowal wasn't enough for one persistent skip tracer who left a message this afternoon.

"OK I understand you say you're not Carl Bumbaca," begins "Michael" in disturbingly mob-inflected tones, "but I'm not looking for Carl, I'm looking for Carolyn Bumbaca."

Clearly Michael suspects we're trying to put one over on him; or else he's just out of ideas after "one failed attempt" at a summons.

"Carl and Carolyn are both spouses," his message helpfully informs us. "I recommend they call this number... It's not a fine, it's a *garbled* for their arrest."

So if you're out there, Carl (and Carolyn), you should know that this is serious business—if you somehow had not come to that awareness over the last, oh, five years since you changed your phone number. If you want to come clean and end the running and the lies, all you have to do is call Michael at 888-393-6050; reference case number 16200MA10. This can still all be settled peacefully!

[All quotes rendered as accurately as I could manage.]


OMG, I almost pissed myself reading this! What on earth is going on for the Bumbacas? Why is he telling us that "they're both spouses" as opposed to only one of them being spouses, whatever that means. What are they being arrested for? Dodging creditors? Is that even legal? So many questions!!!

So many questions indeed...I would totally call this Michael guy and start a conversation with him. "So, Michael, do you really have the authority to arrest these people? And if so then how come you don't have any better information than this phone number to reach them at? A phone number that has not been theirs for years and years?!"

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