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Bike-to-Work Day a qualified success

the bike-to-work bikes at my workplace

about three percent of the workforce

Bike-to-Work Day was something of a success along the Bedford-Lexington corridor today; if nothing else, a bunch of recreational cyclists who usually keep the bikes in the garage all week were out this morning, some of them even daring to ride in their street clothes rather than the spandex we tend to see even on regular commuters out here in the suburbs. I'd say the traffic was more than double what it usually is, helped no doubt by the absolutely beautiful cycling weather.

The best part of the deal for me was that, on the way home, I was able to draft off of a gentleman who was late for a meeting. Now there's motivation for a quick ride! Unfortunately, I didn't hear about his predicament until the stoplight where he was turning off my route, or I would have handled more of the pace-setting (more than zero, that is—hey, he passed me at an intersection but couldn't drop me, so I think hanging on his wheel was entirely within my rights).

What do you think, should we do it again on Monday?

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