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God Hates You, apparently

I just got an email from my preacher that the Wesboro Baptist Church will be picketing our local conservative evangelical church on Sunday. My first sentiment was confusion. These guys came around last year to yell about how the Episcopal church had appointed a gay bishop, so I'd expect them on our front lawn, but not up the street at a large conservative parish. So I went to their website to figure out the deal. You can go there too if you like; there's plenty of stuff to chuckle at at For example the ticker counter that says: 13 reprobates have split hell wide open since you loaded this web page.

Anyway, I clicked on their picket schedule to find out why they plan on picketing Grace chapel on Sunday. Here's the rational:

to remind this nation that paying false prophets to lie about God will send you to Hell! Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Doomed americans pay the preachers to lie about God and tell the people that they do not have to obey. The truth is, God will only bless you if you obey His commandments, otherwise He will curse you!

Let's say I give you americans pay preachers to lie to them. Fair enough. But why a large Evangelical chapel in the burbs? Because they're lying to more people there?

Perhaps they're just casting a wide net, picketing as many places as their busy travel schedule will allow. Indeed, it seems that they're going to two churches on Sunday. The suburban picket line at 9am is really just a warm up for their 10:45 in Boston where they'll be shouting crap outside of Holy Cross church,

to remind these people that Priests Rape Boys. Catholics pay the priests to lie on God and tell them that they do not have to obey. God promised he would curse you if you would not obey, hence He sends pedophile priests to rape your children. The parents continue to send their children to this pedophile machine masquerading as a church because they don't want to put away their sin and repent! 2 Peter 2:9 The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished

I may not be pulling out the most essential sentiment from that quote, but it seems they have something against paying priests. Good to know.

These guys are tenacious and won't be satisfied with only two protest demonstrations in one day. In the evening they're going to the Sheraton Boston Hotel to heckle the AIPAC Annual New England Leadership Dinner. The AIPAC is America's Pro-Israel Lobby, and the Wesboro Baptists just want to

remind the apostate, Christ-killing Jews that the wrath of God is come upon them in the uttermost.

Before they leave our neck of the woods for Colorado, the group plans to do a quick half-hour stint outside Boston Latin School during the Monday morning drop off time. Just, you know,

to remind this nation that God is cursing Doomed america because parents raise their children for the devil and teachers teach them the twin lies that "God loves everyone" and "it's OK to be gay!"

These people sound lovely. It's good to see a family coming together over a cause.

Ooh! 343 reprobates have split hell wide open since I loaded this web page!

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