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This evening saw us at our fourth big party in three days, so it'll take a little while for us to get back to regular life (and post birthday photos and such—though Leah is doing a good job with the videos and has another one in the pipeline). At least the most recent soiree was the most relaxing of the bunch, for me anyhow: both because I wasn't hosting it and because I wasn't exactly invited. It was a baby shower for our sister-in-law Nelly, see, so I was with the rest of the guys exiled to the patio outside. Nothing wrong with that at the height of summer.

It was especially nice to chat with David Linhart, and have him tip us a few tunes after a neighbor brought over a guitar for him to play. Aside from being an acquaintance from back in my college days he also goes to our church, so maybe we can hang out with him again sometime in the hope that his tremendous coolness may rub off on us. I guess it was nice to spend some time with my brother too, but you know.

Harvey is working this solstice-tide business to the absolute maximum, helped no doubt by his tremendous birthday-related overstimulation. Couldn't go to sleep until 10:00 yesterday, quarter-past today; my goodness. Good thing it's almost summer vacation: staying home with me all day will bore him so much he'll want to be in bed by six.


Thanks for the kind words, glad we got to link up for a bit! Go Nelly, ra ra ra!

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