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his first first birthday party

Harvey and his birthday muffin

Happy Birthday dear Harvey...

On Saturday, the day before Harvey's actual birthday, we celebrated with a brunch for the families: two grandpas, one grandma (the other was out of the country), one aunt, and two great-grandmas! And two proud parents, of course. No cake before noon, but Harvey very much enjoyed his birthday banana-chocolate-chip muffin.

After we ate we took some time to frolic in the wonderful almost-summer weather. Harvey loves playing with his grandpa.

playing in the yard with grandpa


He was also very excited to open his presents, and not only because of all the new toys: he's always happy to be the center of attention!

He'll appreciate the big-ticket items from his grandparents—the pool pictured in the video and a sandbox to be assembled later—in good time, but for immediate delight nothing could top the duck with authentic quacking action from tonton Thomas and tante Nelly.

Harvey smiling at some of his presents

straight from Cornell Ornithology to him

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