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on the pond

Danny and Harvey at Spy Pond

with a giant pond grass

Katie and Tim invited us to Spy Pond this afternoon for the inaguaral voyage of their new kayaks. It was just the thing. The Archibalds sat on the beach while the newlyweds boated.

Katie and Tim in the new boats

still got that new-boat smell!

I lured some ducks in towards the beach with Katie's wheat thins. Harvey was thrilled at the close-up.

a duck

a little close for comfort...

After a bit, they even let Leah and me try out the boats! We took turns, so there would always be one parent onshore with Harvey. It was great fun, except apparently these are the kind of boats that you have to work hard to make them go.

Danny in a kayak on Spy Pond

lookin like I know what I'm doing!

They even took pictures of me, so there's finally photographic evidence that I exist and and am like a totally awesome boatman.


you boys are the CUTEST EVAR!!!!! We just gotta get dadda into a momma made hat.

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