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A Week of Independence Crafting - Day 2

As a general rule I don't make things for myself. There's always something that HAS to get made for Harvey, or something for some upcoming occasion, and it just seems so frivolous to spend time on an item for myself that I'll inevitably hate. When a home-made garment goes on Harvey or Dan they just look so cute that I ignore the piece's inevitable flaws. But when I wear my own work I do nothing but fume all day on how the seaming is messed up in one spot, or how the pattern is so stupid that it said do the ruffles before the straps, and I should just throw the whole thing into the fire and myself in after it.

Despite the obvious perils, I went and made something for myself last Friday. A top (again by Rae) with quilting cotton from the baby section.

Leah in a shirt she made

catalogue model

Dan says I look like a catalogue model. Did you know that they made a catalogue for chunky moms with Jewish looking noses? It's called, "For you? a little clothing. It couldn't hoiyt."


ok so just because the last joke was so bad doesn't mean I didn't laugh anyway, and for the record I really like the shirt.

i love it! I didnt get the last joke so I looked up Hoiyt to dicover the work does not exist. The number one Google reulst for hoity was Hoyt - the leading manufacturer of archery products including hunting and target compounds, recurves, and a full line of archery accessories. Since you look nothing like Robinhood or any of his armymen's wench, I figure you ment hottie with a little Jewish flar! LOL I get it now....
Please feel free to make me cute hoity clothing anytime.

Oh Ashley. You're so very cute and non-jewish. "hoiyt" is how new york jews say the word "hurt." I spelled it out semi-phonetically for emphasis, but I get the joke would fall on deaf ears if those ears don't have jewish relatives...

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