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looking the part he was born I should play

I've been a mom for a little over a year now, and I'm still getting the hang of it. Many days I'm crabby when I come home from work, or I need a break even before the day starts, and I let out an exasperated "Haaarvey!" too easily, and make disciplinary statements that are in-actionable like "Stop - Being - Impossible!"

Of course I think I am the world's worst mother.

But then I take a look at the pictures off of Dan's camera and catch tiny glimpses of a good mother renting my body. Lovingly holding her child. Instructing him. Showing him the world. Stealing kisses when she thinks no one is looking.

being a birthday helper

being a helpful lap and hands

Introducing Harvey to a pair of cows

introducing Harvey to new things

momma and harvey looking at ducks

bravely facing new experiences together

And I think, I'm not doing that badly after all. Or at least, I'm play acting well.


You're a great mama!

awwwww. Thanks T!

All of that is part of being mama. My son thinks it's hysterical when I look it him and say "AAAAARRRGGGGGGGG," my "what is my toddler doing to me today" expression.

This is a difficult time because it's so easy to get so frustrated. On the other hand, tonight we were eating dinner and he was using a fork proficiently, drinking from a cup and making conversation right along with the grownups (you know, toddler conversation). We were just saying that it seems like he was a tiny little helpless thing a few weeks ago, what happened to our little baby???

That was me. Whoops.

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