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picking pictorial

blueberry close-up

blue is beautiful

We went blueberry picking again. While we once again forgot any device to carry Harvey, it mattered much less this time as he is semi-mobile and even managed to pick a few blueberries himself—they weren't even all green!

Leah and Harvey in the blueberry fields

working up to the capabilities of each

It helped that the bushes at Parlee Farms are so laden with berries that you can pretty much sit and pick in one spot for long minutes at a time, because a one-year-old holding on to your legs (not pictured) does tend to impede mobility.

Harvey checking out the goats

the goat says "baa"

When the bay got bored of picking I took a turn to bring him to see the goats ("goh!" he says). Leah tirelessly picked eight-and-a-half pounds of berries, and while other engagements prevented me from yet turning any into jam, Leah froze a considerable amount—about half of the total—for later consumption in smoothies. Yum!

blueberries in the freezer

storing away in barns

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