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Who will Buy? - by leah

Since Dan weighed in on the house-selling situation, i must too give my oppinion. I agree that it's true; it is the biggest inconvenience we have so far faced. It sucks that we have to clean all the time, and have people trapsing through our house etc, but that's not why i'm upset. The situation sucks because now i'm wracked with worry that we will not have a place to live in June. Our lease only goes through may, and if the new owners are not looking for an income property, but somewhere to live, then we're out of there faster than you can say "my parent's basement." This would mean that we would be looking for a new place to live during final stages of planning our wedding... and what if we can't find a place in time? We move back into our childhood bedrooms? While i'm picking out garter belts???

Even though i would really like us to have our own house and be paying money into a morgage rather than a landlord's pocket (we're all seen that commercial), i wasn't thinking of it so much on the soon side. I could really use anouther year in our current place, to mull things over and all.

Dan says i should have more faith, and he's right. it's easy to have faith that God's taking care of you when everything is going right and you don't have to maybe move out of your home in four months. It's harder to be faithfull when you DO maybe have to move in four months, and even though i believe intellectually that everything will be okay, well, either way you start to think of contingency plans just in case God really doesn't like you.

In either case i pray that either we will get to stay in our current house for anouther year, provided that they don't raise the rent on us, or that we get our own house that's nicer, but either way that we're not kept waiting for an answer for weeks and weeks and weeks. Already my weak composition can't take it! I tossed and turned all night with the worst headache ever!!!

Attention all our friends: for our wedding please give us a new house. Thanks!

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