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no doctors for at least 30 days now

Harvey in the hay at Parlee Farms

big boy on a big bale

We went apple picking with friends this afternoon, on their excellent suggestion. Apples pick quick, so there was plenty of time to play in the hay, watch goats banging their heads together, and eat apple crisp with ice cream on top.

Harvey in the hay wagon with apples

bringing home the bounty

We hit up Parlee Farms for apples for the first time, and having only ever been there in berry season before I was astounded at the crowds. Their trees are all super-dwarf, so if any of us were above average height we could have picked even those apples up at the tops without any mechanical aids. We got cortlands and honeycrisps, passing up the other two options—macintosh and gala—this time. Harvey made sure that our half-peck made it back safely in the hay wagon, but all the excitement tired him right out. He fell asleep in the car, and didn't even manage to finish his third apple.

Harvey sleeping in the car holding an apple

just like snow white


Totally better pictures of the fun available at The Stevens Family 5. By the way, that baby is now born... I suppose they have to change the name of the blog now!

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