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walking and talking, and listening too

Harvey and Rascal walking in the woods

a boy and his dog

Harvey is doing some pretty impressive stuff now. Talking, sure, but much more than that... like actually walking when we go on walks with the dog. Yes, it can be a drag to wait for him—especially for poor Rascal, when he's on the leash—but it's worth it: at this rate he'll be ready to hike ladder trails by next summer and I won't have to carry his heavy butt in that backpack. (I am pretending right now that I will not have to deal with getting two children up and down mountains the next time we go camping.)

In any case, Harvey's been walking up a storm lately. Around the block with mama, at the pumpkins at Whole Foods with me, all around Drumlin Farm (pics to be posted later, when Mama has a moment alone with her computer). And not just outdoors, either: those rare moments when he's confined to the house he amuses himself with chasing Rascal, often for some reason walking backwards. Maybe so he can claim it was an accident when he collides with the poor dog? He still falls some, mostly from slippery floors inside or slopes outside, but he's got a pretty hard head and for the most part doesn't complain, even after some fairly spectacular falls.

Cognitive growth is evident as well. This evening we were reading books, and when we finished the stack I sent him to get another one—I was comfortable on the couch, you understand. He was about to go for a boring Baby's First Animals type of book, but when I told him that he should grab Ollie the Stomper instead, he did. Who knew the boy even listens to me?! Harvey, you're now officially ahead of Rascal on the house intelligence chart.

(Don't worry puppy, I don't think he's going to catch up to you on athleticism for quite some time yet.)

Harvey in his pjs

dry your tears, the camera is here!

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