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off the rails

If you're a regular reader of this blog you won't need me to tell you that Harvey sleeps in the bed with us. He also naps on our bed, so when he first became somewhat mobile lo these many months ago we put up a set of bed rails that Leah was skillful enough to find in someone's trash. Yay for the baby not falling out of the bed; less so for the difficulty they caused us in getting in and out of it.

Well, as of yesterday the rails are no more (that is to say, they're off the bed until we need em the next time). Now that Harvey can totally climb over them if he wants—or flip over them headfirst—they are less useful than they once were, so we thought we'd see what it would be like to sleep in a grown-up bed.

And I have to say, the early returns aren't entirely positive. Both Leah and I kind of got used to the cozy confinement of the rails; now with them gone it feels like we're more on the bed than in it. Also, they were handy to lean against when Harvey was tossing and turning and forcing us further and further towards the bed's edges. Still, it's nice to be able to slip in or out of bed without having to scootch down from the end, and it's certainly easier to make the bed now. And really, I don't think the blue ever really went very well with our bedroom decor.

Harvey had one really good night a couple days ago, but he's now suffering from a cold that has him tossing and turning more than ever the past two nights. If he falls out of bed, those rails are probably going right back on.


Ah, I remember the rail days.

One problem that has come up with the rails being gone is that it's now much easier for the covers to slip off one side of the bed or the other. I mind that particularly when they're falling off the side opposite me.

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