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Christmas knitting is behind schedule. It seems there's this pesky season called fall which comes before Christmas and necessitates making new things for growing family members. Take for example mittens. The good thing about mittens is that they're relatively quick to make: two full evenings will suffice for a pair. The bad thing is if you've never knit the pattern before you will invariably make the first one too big or too small, but then you'll need to go make a matching one the complete the set, grumbling all the while. Which is why Harvey now has mittens for now AND for next year.

2 pairs of mittens

2 for the price of none!

All the yarn is scrap from other projects, which makes these "essentially" free.

But best part about the mittens? Harvey actually wants to put them on!

harvey and mittens

on? on? on?

No, just kidding. The best part is he can still eat cheerios while wearing them.

harvey and mittens eating cheerios


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