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vandalism update

I like to keep the readership up-to-date about the various editorial comments I see on the bike path on my commute, so it is incumbent upon me to point out that there has finally been a pro-Obama response to the graffiti of half a year ago:

graffiti'd graffiti: now pro-Obama

the Democrats are all hoping

Don't you hate it when you think of an awesome comeback right after you walk away from someone, and you totally wish you go back and hit em with it? Well, somebody with a big fat permanent marker had clearly been bitterly mulling over the insult to his president for the last six months, and finally thought of a cutting response, a way to change the anti-Obama jeers to cheers. Right on! It was totally worth the wait.

Also, the dueling stickers of song and story are alas no more. Somebody—I'm not blaming the "Hey Stupid" guy, but it's hard not to picture him doing it in a fit of impotent rage—tried to peel the red sticker off of the blue one and succeeded only in creating a truly ugly mess. Then the rain reduced the "Stupid" message to pretty much invisibility. Time and nature reduce all of our heart-felt passions to irrelevance in the end: it's kind of a zen thing. I imagine that the people involved in the sticker-posting feel pretty silly about themselves now, and I'm sure glad I never managed to put my sticker up (even though it was pretty clever).

dueling stickers sadly diminished by the elements

sic transit passive-agressiveness mundi

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