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You think my former boss will get weirded out by the LOVE stamps?

I addressed all our Christmas card envelopes today. Yes, I swear they'll be there before Christmas! Because I'm a thrifty little homemaker and because I didn't want to run to the post office in the rain, I used up some old stamps that have been sitting around here for two or more years. Since these stamps are in ancient denominations that don't work out right with a two cent helper stamp next to them, I just doubled them up and way overshot the postage. Some letters will be going out with two extra cents, some with twenty, and some with 40 extra cents a piece, which is a hard pill to swallow for the sender, but still cheaper for me than going to the post office and shelling out more money on stamps. As a little economist, I get a thrill at using up stock instead of buying new. Sunk cost replaces new cost and is un-sunk! On the other hand, as a homemaker I cringe a little bit at the tackiness of two out-dated flag stamps accompanying a Christmas card. But this month I'll take tacky, cheap and done over classy, expensive and on-the-friggin-to-do-list.


And now the cards themselves are done and ready to be printed. What's that? I have to work tomorrow?! Oh sh...

Well, your cards may arrive with a surprise amount of postage, but at least they're ARRIVING! We're so overwhelmed with thank you notes, multiple jobs and schooling, etc., that we can't even do cards this year. Heck, I can barely find time to blog anymore! So you've definitely one-upped me, my friends.

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