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18 months.

Today my little boy turns 18 months. It's hard to believe. Only 18 months? Isn't he like 5 going on 21? Haven't I been his mama forever?

He's so much smarter than his 18 months would indicate. He's flinging out three-word sentences right and left ("Momma get train!" "Bear on horsey!") He understands the concepts of parts to a whole, counting, and even colors. Not to mention so many more than 200 words, rudimentary cooking ability, and psychological manipulation 101.

In honor of this wonderful little person who lives with us I'd like to present four short videos that highlight different aspects of Harvey's year-and-a-half personality.

Harvey's musical ability. And his unfathomable cuteness:

Harvey's beautiful relationship with Rascal. And how he wants to be a dog when he grows up:

Harvey's advanced manual dexterity, choreographic memory, and good humor:

Harvey's strong will:

That's my little guy. I love him so much it's impossible.


Man, it seems like only yesterday i was hanging out with you guys right before that cute adorable little guy was born! Thanks for sharing those video clips!! They're awesome, and I can't wait to finally come out for another visit to FINALLY meet him in person!

Your videos are not viewable on my ipad. :(

We got your Christmas card -adorable. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Oh yeah... vimeo doesn't work on mobile Safari. Because it's flash. I'm sorry :(

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