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old and new trousers

One of my Christmas presents this year was a new pair of Carhartt trousers. I needed them to replace the ones I bought a couple years ago, which are starting to show their age. I had forgotten how stiff they are when they're new. You can tell they're real trousers for real men because of how they can stand up on their own—not like wimpy jeans that need a person inside them to hold them up! I'm wearing the new pair now, and sitting with my legs very straight.

new and old Carhartts

before and after

As the above graphical representation indicates, as well as getting softer and rather more well-ventilated, they also lighten dramatically in color with age. Leah was upset that she couldn't find the color I like, but I'm pretty sure that what she bought is, in fact, it.

The new pair, too, will in time be broken in; and then will subsequently be broken down. It's part of the circle of life, I think. That doesn't mean I feel any better about getting rid of the old pair, though! Maybe I can keep em around to use as pajamas.

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