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five months to go...

I have somehow entered into the third trimester of this pregnancy three weeks ahead of schedule. I am exhausted. Everything hurts. Walking the dog twice a day isn't just a nice tiring bit of exercise anymore - it feels like it does me violence. And I'm suddenly orca fat and quickly losing the hope that this pregnancy would be a 40-pound one and not a 50-pounder.

I have lovely things I'd like to write on the blog, but every time I sit down to type out spews a litany of complaints. You should see the folder of blog posts written but not posted.

I am granting myself a bit of grace today by deciding that my choices are choices and not mistakes. It's okay to want another child yet hate the process. It's okay to love kids and hate newborns. It's okay to act on your desire to have a big family and also admit that being pregnant and the first few months of living with a new baby is complete agony.

Also, this made me happy to no end:

Stating that a technology known to prevent a condition is widely available is not an adequate or moral public-health response. ... the technology needed to not have sex at all is widely available on everybody's body; it's called keeping your pants zipped.

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