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sweet baby melodies

So parenthood is amazing, we all know that, but sometimes something comes along and blindsides you as completely unimaginably amazing, and that's what happened about a month and a half ago when Harvey started singing. At the dinner table, in the car, sometimes just while playing with his toys. Harvey regales us with actual recognizable tunes. And enough lyrics to prove that he's been paying attention to lyrics all this time - enough to validate the hundred million hours I've already put in on twinkle twinkle. (although don't get me started on Mary had a little lamb.)

Unfortunately, it's difficult to capture the song of the Harvey bird on film, because every time the camera appears his monologue switches to a series of questions. "Cama? Havey cama? Havey hote cama?" You get the idea.

So last night after sorting through an hour of various video attempts, most of which are just clips me saying "Sing that song you were just singing" and Harvey staring blankly, I managed to extract a clips of an actual recognizable song. Here it is: Harvey's rendition of Twinkle Twinkle.


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