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bread photography

an acceptable-looking loaf of bread

something like that

It was kind of unfair to write about Fornicalia without including any pictures. Here's a post to remedy that lack. The problem is that usually my breads are either not very photogenic (a frequent issue), or they come out of the oven after dark and prime photographing time. Or they just get eaten.

Begun last night and left to rise in the fridge until the morning, this sourdough loaf avoided the latter two problems; and it's not bad-looking either, if you ask me. Harvey—an experienced model, to be sure—was very interested in the photo shoot. "Smile, bread!" he kept saying.

a closeup of the loaf


Now the only question is how does it taste. We had to finish the other bread first, which we did on our Drumlin Farm expedition. Even if it's only passable, though, I'll still be happy: I finally made something that looks like a real bread.


Nice bread Dan! Looks delicious!

Thanks! It was pretty tasty. Our sourdough starter isn't quite as sour as I could wish, so it doesn't make standout bread, but it's certainly a very passable sandwich bread and tasty with butter.

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