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you sure there's only one baby in there?

So the other day when Dan was snapping fair weather photos outside I said, "Hey, take a picture of me!" Here it is... this is what I look like with three months still to go:

Leah and her belly silhouetted by the winter sun

Mama and baby take in the February sun

Yup. We just make big babies around here.

I'm feeling very excited about the spring: excited about a new baby, excited about Harvey becoming a big brother, excited about the snow melting and more frequent trips to drumlin farms and getting this thing out of me and losing 50 pounds.

I'm not so excited about recovering from giving birth, or the cat-like cries of a newborn, or subsistence nursing - those happy six months where I have three needy babies to care for: the actual baby and my two swollen breasts. I can only hope that these things will be easier the second time around. And if they're not, that I'll have a long enough view to know that they end soon enough.

I have a lot of secret other hopes for the birth of my second child, and mostly they relate to Harvey. I hope that Harvey will see the baby coming process as exciting and not scary. I hope Harvey will see his mama filled with life and not death - that the baby and his or her birth will make life new and exciting rather than difficult and broken. I hope that we'll be able to settle in and re-calibrate as a family quietly and privately and trusting our own instincts for what's right for us each day. In short, I hope everything I do for our whole independent oppositional hippy anarchist lives, crammed into a few very stressful moments. So you know, just my style.

I also have high hopes for knitting and sewing, as evidenced by not one but two hopeful library books spread out on my living room table, right under three pieces and one half-finished sleeve of a grown-up sweater that must be completed and washed by Saturday next. That's the subject for another upcoming post, so stay tuned. Exciting things happening around here!

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