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dying winter

the setting sun comes under the clouds and through the mist

rays of late sun

Winter seems to be finally giving up its grip around here. Yesterday was warm and rainy, with just enough sun at the end of the day to produce the scene pictured above. Today mostly sunny and breezy, just the thing for an outing to the Concord River to see the annual flooding there. The snow is melting fast, even if there are still piles in our neighborhood that exceed five feet in height. In celebration, we're planting seeds down in the basement where they'll keep warm in their little house.

I've spent the past couple hours reading about the earthquakes in Japan, which I hadn't even really known about thanks to my half-hearted news fast. Maybe I should have continued not knowing; one reason I'm off news (except as revealed to me through The Economist) is that there are a great many things happening in the world. They will continue to happen whether or not I know about them, and in many cases I will be better off if I don't. That being said, my thoughts and prayers are off course with the everyone affected by the disasters.

And even crazy snowy winters end eventually!

daffodil tips poking up through dead leaves in the garden

blooms are on the way

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