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Woolapalooza, the return

a few sheep relaxing after their shearing

satisfied customers

It's spring now, and that means just one thing around here: it's time for another trip to Woolapalooza! I guess it's kind of a tradition now. We saw the sheep dogs work and the sheep being shorn, but Harvey most enjoyed playing with the eggs in the chicken building and watching the hens go in and out of the mobile henhouse. I guess he's on board with our recently announced plans.

Harvey and lots of other kids sorting eggs at Drumlin Farm

a hive of pretend industry

It was a little more crowded than usual around the wooden eggs, but that didn't stop Harvey from wanting to dive right in—at least, not after we spent five minutes encouraging him not to be shy.

a chicken coming out of the henhouse

"more chicken coming?"

Despite the hordes—oh my goodness, the overflow parking!—most of the attention on the sheep, so it wasn't too crowed for us to stand and watch the chickens for, oh, half an hour or so (Harvey probably wouldn't have gotten bored even if we really had indulged him in standing still that long).

It was admittedly very chilly, which sadly kept any of our friends from accompanying us (we'll get em next year!), and which perhaps tempered the enthusiasm of certain members of the family for certain portions of the adventure. The wind was particularly vexatious to Harvey. Still, a grand time was had by all, and even in full winter gear Harvey believed me when I told him that spring is on the way. The sheep shearing doesn't lie!

a portrait of Harvey in his Woolapalooza finery

fuzzy hat courtesy of Mama and the Drumlin Farm sheep

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