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outside day

We had a very busy outside day today - everyone's favorite kind. First we went to the fence supply store in Watertown to check on some prices (Yes, mama will have her fence one day!) Then since we were right in town we decided to stop by the farm at Gore Place which our friends the Stevenses are always raving about.

Gore Place did not disappoint. Not only do they have cute baby sheep and goats, but you can actually go walk around amidst a flock of very friendly chickens! Harvey was enthralled.

harvey looking at Gore's chickens

one day, boy, all this will be yours

Actually, that's putting it mildly. He was really in love.

harvey among the chickens

chicken ovah dare? chicken ovah dare?

Meanwhile I took about seven hundred pictures of their coop setup while trying to enthuse myself over the Bedford permitting process. Patience mama, one step at at time. First we gotta see how long that fence takes us...

We had spent only but a moment at the farm when who should we see walking up the hill but the Stevens family themselves! Serendipitous! Great minds think alike on a sunny day it seems (especially when 6 of those minds live about a minute away from the farm.) So Harvey not only got to see his favorite animals, but he got to run and play with his favorite friends, some of whom are significantly faster than him.

harvey, Bruce, and Lily at Gore place

Wait up!

And one of whom is just his speed.

harvey and ollie at Gore Place

giggle giggle giggle

When we got home Harvey was still disinclined to go inside, so we picnicked outside in the yard and then spent the afternoon working in the garden. Well, "we" generally speaking. Mama spent a fair amount of time inside completing some housework I neglected during yesterday's outing, as well as finishing some baby gifts for the upcoming showers. Even while participating in the outdoor festivities I felt like I spent most of my time running back and forth from yard to kitchen, making sure everyone had adequate water and sunscreen and fresh diapers. In other words, acting just like a mother. Still, for a pregnant lady I put in a fair amount of work moving strawberries and pulling up weeds. Enough to filthify my only good pair of maternity jeans. But best of all, I got to experience the sheer joy that is walking around the corner to find both my boys happily digging in the dirt.

harvey and dada digging in their respective boxes

men at work

Indeed, the only tantrums of the day involved coming inside. It's going to be a good summer.

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