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my lunchtime entertainment

Let's face it: Harvey is cute. On Monday I snapped this video of him singing a few songs at the kitchen table. And really, if you like toddlers, and you like singing toddlers, then this video will just about blow your mind.

I'm told that other people don't speak Harvey as well as I do, although I can't understand why not, it's all perfectly clear to me. Anyway, if you need an answer key to what going on in the video, Harvey sings the Itsy Bitsy Spider followed by the ABCs followed by I Gave Up, a Phineus and Ferb song that he finds wildly funny. Between various "takes" you'll hear Harvey interrupt his singing to ask me to turn the camera viewfinder around to the other side so he can see himself, and to remind me that there are plants on the table that dada stuck his finger in to make sure there was enough water. And also, we should go outside. So there, that should clear up any confusion about what he's saying.



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