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Mama and Harvey at the cold spring beach

down to the beach

We took a trip down to the Cape today to pick up a double stroller from Leah's cousins—but that was just an excuse to do some real vacationing for a change! As opposed to our usual aimless wanderings our wonderfully gracious hosts treated us to a tour of the finest attractions Sandwich has to offer (not to mention an incredible spread for lunch—there's a pun in there somewhere, I'm sure).

Of course, we had to go to the beach first. It was pretty cold, but that doesn't ever stop Rascal from enjoying his beach experiences to the fullest! He ran and played with his new friend Luna, and didn't miss an opportunity to take the waters.

Rascal romping in the cold waves

he is braver than the rest of us

Next stop was the Green Briar Nature Center and Jam Kitchen—if there was ever a single attraction better suited to entertaining all members of our family I don't know what it would be! Animals, science exhibits, blocks made from tree branches... all that, plus a professional kitchen for us to admire and plenty of jam and jelly to taste.

a toad in its terrerium

the only one that stood still to be photographed

the Green Briar gift shop

nature and jam, in gift shop form

The day's last stop was the Sandwich State Fish Hatchery, where we got to look at trout both big and small and, even better, feed them! The little ones especially raised quite a fuss in their efforts to get at the food raining down upon them.

fish roiling the water to get at the food

I guess they're hungry!

Harvey feeding the fish

look at those fish eat!

I have to give extra credit to the Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife folks for allowing dogs on the fish farm grounds; Rascal very much appreciated another chance to get out of the car.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and a great way to start our vacation week (even if the car trip back did give Mama a headache that required her to lie down immediately upon our return; don't worry, she's already better). Thanks, Barrettes!


Look at me in that first picture! What, did I EAT the entire town of Sandwich???

But seriously, a lovely recap of a perfect day... all except the carsick headache part on the ride home. Still, it could have been worse. The headache was only caused by pregnancy, after all, and not by a screaming passenger, which ranks this trip much higher than most of last summer's vacations. God bless our big boy for giggling to himself the entire ride down and singing to us the entire ride back. Oh, and playing "this little piggy" on his OWN TOES! I swear, there's nothing cuter than hearing a squeeky 22-month old voice going "Dis piggy wenna maket! Dis piggy stay om! Dis piggy ad rose beef! Dis piggy ad NONE! Dis piggy weee weee weee!"

We had a great time too! My family will be quoting Harvey, Yeah, Yeah, the most adorable little prince ever! Come on over anytime, we'd love to have you. Just a day's notice to do a hazmat cleaning on the boy's bathroom is all we need if you would like to do a sleep-over! Pool and beach and more attractions nearby!

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