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the many faces of Zion

Baby Zion has a tendency to wear a serious expression, even while sleeping. Here he is for example bearing witness to the burial of his placenta

zion witnessing the burial of his placenta

a bit concerned

Yeah, you like how I hippy-slipped that in there, didn't you? Be glad I didn't include the actual placenta photographs. I'm saving those for the Christmas card.

Kind of reminds me of Harvey's serious face from 8 days old.

8 days old, ready for his catalogue shoot

8 days old, ready for his catalogue shoot

Of course, it may just be those enormous cheeks pushing up poor Zion's brow. He can make other faces after all, like this one.

zion sticking out his tongue


or this one

zion yawning

I coulda been a contender

Which reminds me that Harvey at a day old wore the exact same outfit:

baby harvey in his farmer outfit

farmers need their sleep

It's hard to believe that Harvey was a whole month older than Zion at birth. I guess as a little brother he's already running fast to catch up.


The other thing he needs to catch up in is posts tagged with his name! Harvey, as of this comment, has 141; Zion has 6. Get going with the being cute and funny and blog-worthy, little guy! Harvey, you can slow down with that a bit now.

Can't wait for the Christmas card! ;)

Tee hee, I know! It's going to be fun. It's tempting to start thinking about it now, but Zion is going to be so completely different in 7 months I can't even imagine!

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