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getting out!

To celebrate Dan's last Zion-caused day off of work we took an outing to the Bedford commons. There was necessity involved, of course. I had to make 10 copies of our fence application at the library and then walk them over to town hall 200 yards away. I didn't think I had the mental focus or stamina to do both copying and walking with 2 kids in tow before the application deadline this Wednesdsay. So Dan came to help, and we all met at the conveniently placed playground right in the middle.

dada and harvey on the swing


Mama even got into the festivities and pushed one child while holding the other, just like a real live mother of two.

mama and zion pushing harvey on the swing

acting like a real mama

It was a little cold out, so babies were both dressed in mama-made knitwear. You can see Harvey's orange sweater in the picture above. Zion looked a bit more silly in his matching sweater, hat, and booties.

now write your number on this card but don't show it to me...

Yeah, I know, the hat is huge. There's a new appropriately sized one on the needles right now as we speak. It's progress will slow down significantly though as soon as I can get up and down the stairs with laundry.

It sure was nice to get outside, though I was pretty exhausted on the way home. Also, in the commotion setting up the infant car seat we forgot the overdue library books on the living room floor. Isn't that just the way? At least no one got soaked with projectile pooping.

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