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baby comparison

Who does Zion look like? Well, more like Harvey than anyone else. But not EXACTLY like Harvey. Here's the side-by-side comparison of my two babies at 5 weeks:

harvey at 5 weeks

zion at 5 weeks

On account of being much plumper at birth, Zion's cheeks are the dominant feature of his face, unlike Harvey who's cheeks don't reach quite far enough to remove those I-hate-sleep circles from under his eyes. Zion also seems to wear a concerned look about his eyebrows; it's present in almost all of Zion's photos but none of Harvey's. As a toddler, though, Harvey knits his eyebrows together plenty, so maybe Zion's getting expressive concern from his mother genetically, whereas Harvey's is a learned trait.

It's funny how they're personalities are completely different. Zion is mostly easy-going and complacent as a baby, whereas Harvey was, er, more vocal in his discomfort. Zion loves snuggling and being held sideways whereas Harvey hated cuddles and only wanted to be held upright. But who knows what that means for future personality? Harvey is a fantastic kid and pretty complacent as toddlers run. I keep looking at Zion and saying "Who ARE you, little guy?" He doesn't know any better than I do the answer to that question.

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