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this is all I can write about today.

Zion is on outfit number 7 today. SEVEN! I am on outfit 3. Harvey is still on his first, albeit without the pants. We are like a lady Gaga act from a parallel universe of baby.

I'm settling into my new reality of washing and folding two bags of diapers every single day. It's no sweat really unless you have plans to ever leave your house. Baby clothes can go every otherday, as long as nothing precious like the bjorn seat or moby carrier gets soiled. Today I'm on my second load of Zion clothes already. Is this a boring thing to write about? I have two other blog posts started in front of my, but the reality this month is that laundry IS MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Well, not entirely true. We can't forget about vacuuming, can we? The two go hand in hand in surprising ways. For example, the other day while I was changing Zion this is what Harvey did to the kitchen.

That's corn starch, not flour. You can imagine it got a little sticky in the clean up.

I do understand why people say "Enjoy every minute of it! They grow up so fast!" It's for the same reason people say "Natural labor is not so bad!" Memory is a funny thing. Graciously selective.

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