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freedom, horrible freedom!

I drove a car today for the first time in a while (eight days, to be exact: either that or a lifetime), and it felt kind of odd. It didn't help that Leah's car is having troubles in the transmission again, so I was afraid it was going to break down in the middle of the street. It reminded me of the old days with my car! People who can drive places without worrying if their car will manage the trip don't know how good they've got it. I also learned not to try and take Arizona from downtown up to 17th: the traffic lights on Broadway or Santa Monica may be slow, but they're quicker than four-way stops!

Besides driving, I also did some cleaning today: our room was turning into a bit of a slough, as the boxes my computer came in take up a lot of room and kind of discourage us from keeping things clean. I maintained it was good excercise stepping over all the junk, but Leah wasn't too happy with it all, so I cleaned it all up when she was at work to suprise her. I left the laundry all non-folded in its bags for her to deal with, though: that's beyond my capabilities.

And how about this story: somebody at Leah's store called me and asked if I could make a flyer for them. So I did, before I settled with anyone on payment and things, only to find that they didn't want it after all; or more precisely, they didn't want to pay me for it. Ah well. One of these days I'll get paid for my design efforts, I'm sure, and until then I'll just have fun making them. Leah and I stayed up late working last night: she on the shipping binder for the store and I on this flyer. And today I made a Moveable Type skin, hopefully the first of many which I will provide, free of charge, to the benighted blogosphere. It was inspired by Leah's pretty bike. I like it.

- Danny

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